Legit Games

Here we've listed all our decent games. Fun is guaranteed.


Draxel is a game about a pixelated warrior on a quest to slay a pixelated dragon. Its only in a Pre-Alpha state so more updates adding more content are on their way!

Crap Games

Here we've listed all our not-legit games. Enter at your own risk. Fun is NOT guaranteed.

Notebook Conquest

Pick a weapon and fight for your army! Engage in epic war with the enemy, choosing from 3 gamemodes, 5 unique weapons, 4 maps and a load of options to design the game the way you want it to be. Includes:

Ski Supreme

This is a game about a daredevil skiier! Ski down dangerous mountains while dodging trees, jumping over logs, avoiding the deadly Yeti and collecting money so you can buy better skis. Up for a real challenge? Ski down an active volcano for your life from an avalanche as cool music plays in the background and fireballs rain from the sky!

Craft and Mine Tower Defense

Set up the ultimate defense against hoards of monsters! Place swordsman, archers, iron beasts, potion throwers, farms, lava and more!

The Young Notebook Conquest

This game SUCKS! Horrible drawings, strange animations, weird bugs and almost no HUD. This is an early version of Notebook Conquest while it was still under development. Unfortunately, it cannot be played in the browser, it must be downloaded (windows only).

Dungeon Hunter

In this retro-style game featuring music and sound effects written by the developers themselves, the goal is to avoid, lure, trap and kill deadly monsters while reaching the door leading to the next level. We'd bet you money you wouldn't be able to beat all 25 levels...

Tower Defender

Tower Defender is a simple game in which you block an incoming barrage of lasers for as long as you can.