About 2xS

2xS Games is a young online game studio, now past its second birthday. Here, we upload games made from scratch for you to play in your browser for free. These games are made by us from the bottom up: almost all artwork comes from us, all code is written from our programmers, and every piece of it is carefully planned for the fullest and richest experience. Our games focus on action and humor, but above all our main focus is ultimately on originality. Determined on rising above the rest, we avoid experience-ruining pitfalls like microtransactions in our quest to deliver an authentic and original gaming experience.

If you wish to contact us for ANY reason at all, please send an email our way at support@2xsgames.com. If you have feedback, advice, accusations, or you just want to say hi, send us an email! We want to hear from you and we guarantee a reply to any legitimate message within 24 hours.

Members of 2xS: