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A boss day by mjadev (12/30 pts)

A Sticky Mess by Seet, Jing Hui, Joyce (23.5/30 pts)

Action Arena by Kahrabaa (22/30 pts)

AwesomeBossBattleGament by orSQUADstra (3/30 pts)

Big Bad Boss Fight! by IndianaBones (10.5/30 pts)

BO5S by sylvain_l (6/30 pts)

Boss Attack by 2Dspessman (4.5/30 pts)

Boss Beat by Gravedust (23.5/30 pts)

Boss Fighting Game 2018 by Storyteller (-0.5/30 pts)

Boss Meadow by trg601, moon489 (14/30 pts)

Boss Of All Bosses by dphsw, FeetUpGaming (8/30 pts)

Boss Off! by Bart (7/30 pts)

BossBoss by Studio Basem (11/30 pts)

BRAXION by Hyomoto (18/30 pts)

Bullet Overtime by Cat, var (19/30 pts)

Desert Punchman by shadowspear1 (5/30 pts)

Dungeon Boss Simulator by Zodaris, Rikileitr (23/30 pts)

Fight The Power by Kodiqi (18/30 pts)

Fish Chef Brigade by Cjheighton (2.5/30 pts)

Galaxy Goons by HayManMarc (2/30 pts)

Gammon Princess by Team Flob (18.5/30 pts)

Gladiator by Pirates of the Sea of Stars (12/30 pts)

Hooktik by matharoo, Micah_DS (22/30 pts)

I Quit! by Sinaz20, FredFredrickson, VaultComplex (10/30 pts)

Journey of Tardin by Dengar (7/30 pts)

KVN by Penguin533 (24/30 pts)

Last Knight by Ziberteck (10.5/30 pts)

LegBot by JDown79, Maice, Zach (17/30 pts)

Like A Boss by imhanner, Nadine B (20/30 pts)

Malicious Intent by Shadow_Lancer, Shameless (23/30 pts)

Mr Quack by BrandonC (22.5/30 pts)

Overtime by Siolfor the Jackal (21.5/30 pts)

Overtime by H3ADL3SS, Archnix (10/30 pts)

Project Hellkite by Dr Wolf (22/30 pts)

Red Sabre by Misty (24/30 pts)

Ruruna vs. Crab King by ThePandaSenpai (20.5/30 pts)

Sector78 by Makas, Daniel (22/30 pts)

Space Boss by Alexx (11/30 pts)

Stealth Game by TheOakNuggins (8.5/30 pts)

SWAMP by mimusic (24.5/30 pts)

Tankshow by paskaler00555, Matei Osenk (13.5/30 pts)

The Ashen Tower by JacobV, Parmesano (27.5/30 pts)

The Businessman by Will, CreativeJon90 (17/30 pts)

The Hoard by Cloaked Games, Pere Dolcet (23/30 pts)

The Nameless Cyborg by Sahaun, Bastian (11/30 pts)

TITLE: 43 by GRArthas, Drooms, brian mowat (9/30 pts)

Tower of Power by The M (23/30 pts)

Twilight Legacy by Wraithious (13.5/30 pts)

Xenos Will Be Judged by Alix, Bentley, starwolf (18/30 pts)

Yarr n Gee by Murzy, Swonqi, moose_tunes (22/30 pts)

Yellow Gear by chinykian (21.5/30 pts)

You Have To Drop The Bass by Alice (11/30 pts)

{Insert Game Title Here} by Coded Games (25/30 pts)