Review of Zombie Assault: Against All Odds by Misty:

Overall Gameplay (8.5/14 pts)

Comments: A fairly simple zombie survival shooter. I found that the best strategy was to sprint through the map to collect ammo, then hunker down in a corner where I picked off zombies from afar. There was one corner that I sat in where the pathfinding for zombies that were around other corners got stuck, which resulted in allowing me to wait out the timer for as long as I was patient enough to sit still. Besides that, the biggest mechanical issue was that collisions with zombies resulted in the player's movement slowing down dramatically, which made most collisions a virtual death sentence.
The camera was far too sensitive for my liking, and sprinting was too easily triggered (I felt like it should've been bound to another button).
I completed the '5-minute' mode to discover that the second map still wasn't unlocked, which was a bit disappointing.
I felt that the zombie spawn rate and zombie health was very well-balanced with the damage output of the player's weapons. Grouping up zombies and mowing them down with a machine gun proved quite satisfying.

Theme Inclusion (3/7 pts)

Comments: Really the strongest connection to the theme that I saw was the title. Mechanically, it's just a zombie shooter, which on its own bears little connection to any of the three themes.

Overall Presentation (5.5/9 pts)

Comments: Main menu seemed a bit needlessly flashy, and font choices throughout the game were questionable. Other dialogues were done through GM's debug functions. The fact that 3D was used at all is automatically impressive, but there was still plenty of room for improvement - most notably, the world was so dimly lit that it put a heavy strain on my eyes. Audio was good, although the music was pretty repetitive.


No penalties assessed.

Final Comments: Kudos for attempting a 3D game, but with 3D games come a plethora of other potential issues. Aside from mechanical problems, I was also a bit disappointed to see no real creative elements added (even the provided story was bland and unoriginal). Overall it was still a good entry that I sank a solid amount of time in.