Review of Woodcutter by darijs1:

Overall Gameplay (6/14 pts)

Comments: All I could do was chop down trees and collect the wood and funnel the wood into a fire. There appeared to be nothing else to do throughout the entire game. The world appeared infinite, with nothing but trees the whole way. I did encounter something that looked like a zombie, and killing it was mildly entertaining, but it yielded nothing.
There were crafting options, and options to use items, but I couldn't ever find anything to perform such actions with. There's simply a lack of content in this entry.

Theme Inclusion (1/7 pts)

Comments: I really don't see any theme connection - I guess you could say 'overcome all odds', but the case there is pretty weak.

Overall Presentation (3.5/9 pts)

Comments: Menus and interfaces weren't very well polished, but they were at least present. Graphics were okay, and some very specific graphic elements were actually pretty well-done. A few sound effects but no music was present.


No penalties assessed.

Final Comments: This entry appears to be quite unfinished. There's really nothing else for me to say.

TOTAL SCORE: 10.5 / 30 PTS