Review of Wizzy Gizzard: Speed Date by HayManMarc, Toque:

Overall Gameplay (6.5/14 pts)

Comments: Most of the points from 'player experience' was from the story and humor behind the game, which was appreciated. Gameplay was very basic as I only ever had to jump over a couple obstacles at a time. There was a very detailed scoring system but I didn't feel any incentive to chase extra points.

Theme Inclusion (2/7 pts)

Comments: What exactly is the theme usage here? I assume 'overcome all odds', but from a gameplay perspective there's really almost no connection.

Overall Presentation (9/9 pts)

Comments: Just fantastic presentation all-around. There's nothing for me to dock points from, or to even criticize really. Everything feels very professionally done.


No penalties assessed.

Final Comments: There were very clear strengths and weaknesses to this entry. Not much more for me to add here.

TOTAL SCORE: 17.5 / 30 PTS