Review of Stream of Adaptation by Smiechu:

Overall Gameplay (8/14 pts)

Comments: This is a good concept, but I was somewhat disappointed by the execution. Cycling between shapes and colors on two different axes, with no contextual connection to the keyboard and no way to know what I'm cycling to without memorizing the sequences, is extremely difficult. I spent the vast majority of the game stationed on one shape and one color, which turned the game into simple avoidance.
Another issue I had is that, when the tunnel took a curve (especially in the lategame when stuff got really fast), my ship's move speed was far too slow and I got stuck to the sides of the tunnel.

Theme Inclusion (5/7 pts)

Comments: 'Adaptation' - this checks out.

Overall Presentation (8.5/9 pts)

Comments: The game looked fantastic. Audio played a background role, which was perfect for the game since it had such a repetitive style. The scores sometimes made it hard to see what was in front of me.


No penalties assessed.

Final Comments: Very impressive look to the game overall, but lacking in the delivery of some of its mechanics.

TOTAL SCORE: 21.5 / 30 PTS