Review of Snowball in Hell by AndrewN:

Overall Gameplay (9/14 pts)

Comments: This game was fine. It was a bit too short and mechanically dull for it to really stand out for me. The whole thing about gathering snow to increase your size was an interesting concept, but I feel like it wasn't capitalized on enough simply because increasing your size was absolutely not worth becoming a bigger target for other threats.

Theme Inclusion (3/7 pts)

Comments: 'Overcome the odds', but the connection comes in pretty much through the backstory and has no real impact on gameplay.

Overall Presentation (7.5/9 pts)

Comments: Presentation overall was good. Menus were basic but functional. Audio was well-done.


No penalties assessed.

Final Comments: This game almost has that unique flair that it needs to make it really stand out, but it falls a bit flat because of the mechanical execution.

TOTAL SCORE: 19.5 / 30 PTS