Review of Rise by The M:

Overall Gameplay (5/14 pts)

Comments: The grappling hook mechanic was relatively well-done, and attention to detail was paid for player falling/rolling mechanics. But gameplay itself was tedious and uninteresting. Excruciatingly slow player movements made progression feel like a chore. The 'boss' was okay, but it was also laughably easy.
Events that caused crashes were littered throughout the game, including one after the first boss that prevented me from proceeding.

Theme Inclusion (5/7 pts)

Comments: The most creative take on Overcome All Odds that I've seen so far.

Overall Presentation (3.5/9 pts)

Comments: No menus or interfaces, although there were some pretty lettering. Graphics weren't bad at all - just somewhat simple and lacking in significant detail. A simple background track was the entirety of the game's audio.


-Multiple crashes throughout the game (-2 pts)

Final Comments: This entry appears quite incomplete. Nothing else for me to add.

TOTAL SCORE: 11.5 / 30 PTS