Review of ROYal RUMble by Misu, Yal:

Overall Gameplay (8.5/14 pts)

Comments: This was an okay game. There were a ton of levels, which was nice. But I was disappointed to see that, instead of introducing new and unique hazards or other elements, there were simply more cannons spammed everywhere. The challenge that the cannons posed was a good one, but for the amount of gameplay there was, there needed to be other elements to keep me interested.
Getting almost immediately spawnkilled by cannons that target the player is not a pleasant experience.
I don't know what level number I got to, but I got to the point where progressing was more torture than fun.

Theme Inclusion (2/7 pts)

Comments: Not really sure what the connection to any of the themes is in this game besides the title. There's really no demonstration of any attempt to make use of the theme in the game itself.

Overall Presentation (6/9 pts)

Comments: Any decent-looking 3D game is automatically impressive from a graphics stance. Although I'm not sure what type of theme or style the textures were trying to strike, especially with the... randomly scattered swastikas?
Audio was sufficient and had a clear direction, but some more sound effects would've been awesome.


No penalties assessed.

Final Comments: A good and relatively well-programmed entry, but the nature of the game broke my patience, and I quit before making it to the end. Needs more mechanical depth to keep the player engaged.

TOTAL SCORE: 16.5 / 30 PTS