Review of PHAGE by FrostyCat:

Overall Gameplay (13/14 pts)

Comments: I've never seen a game like this before... the closest thing that I can think of is Reversi. And I'm B-A-D at Reversi.
Nonetheless, I spent a ton of time on this game. The concept and rules of the game were well thought-out, and I couldn't poke any holes in them. The varying maps kept the game interesting, and because of the level of strategic depth, this game has potential to be developed into a full-blown product.
Really the biggest hampering on my experience was that the AI was really, really hard to beat. Or maybe I was just bad. Either way, never being able to win was a bit disheartening, even if I prefer a challenge to a cakewalk.

Theme Inclusion (5/7 pts)

Comments: I mean, yeah, I suppose it's adaptation. Not a super-strong connection but it's definitely there.

Overall Presentation (7/9 pts)

Comments: I dinged your "Interface" score because this game had a particular need for some sort of tutorial or walkthrough, which it lacked. I spent the first few rounds completely lost on what was happening.
Graphics and audio were well-executed and there's little that I would've done to improve them.


No penalties assessed.

Final Comments: A conceptually sound, strategic board game that's deep and unique enough to develop into a full game. Biggest issues were a poor introduction and no way to adjust difficulty - otherwise everything was wonderfully executed.