Review of Overcoming all Aliens by Micnasr, Dengar:

Overall Gameplay (4.5/14 pts)

Comments: Gameplay is very basic. Not much strategic depth for the player to pursue besides shooting down UFOs before they can dump aliens. Difficulty scales upwards appropriately, and there are cumulative speed buffs for the player to collect, but speed buffs alone aren't really enough and just forces the player to eventually succumb to the masses.

Theme Inclusion (3/7 pts)

Comments: I assume the theme usage is 'overcome all odds' based on the title, but aside from that this is pretty much an ordinary game, and doesn't demonstrate much of a tie-in to any theme.

Overall Presentation (2.5/9 pts)

Comments: You had a main menu and an introductory monologue, which was nice. Graphics have a lot of room for improvement. A few (somewhat strange) sound effects were present, but no background music.


No penalties assessed.

Final Comments: Not a bad entry by any means, it's just conceptually and graphically very basic.