Review of Overcome by Sam Spade:

Overall Gameplay (8.5/14 pts)

Comments: Overall the game seemed very well-programmed, but I had no idea what was happening the entire time. Movement felt more or less useless, and the results of holding/releasing the action button were very inconsistent and I still fail to understand why the results were inconsistent. Every single game ended in the same exact way: I lost in the first 45 seconds, regardless of what buttons I pushed. Not a super-fun time.

Theme Inclusion (4/7 pts)

Comments: I mean, yeah, you're 'overcoming the odds' in a sense, but mechanically it's just a simple survival game.

Overall Presentation (7.5/9 pts)

Comments: I liked the unique style of the menus, but it drove me a bit nuts waiting several seconds for them to appear every time. Graphics were textureless and black-and-white, but they were about as good as you can get with those constraints. I liked the music choice, and the sound effects were masterfully done.


No penalties assessed.

Final Comments: The presentation was great, and it was clear that a lot of effort was put forth in terms of programming. But there appeared to be no strategic depth within the gameplay, and the potential results of player input were either very lacking or not adequately explained to the player.