Review of Lock and Key by Relic:

Overall Gameplay (11.5/14 pts)

Comments: Everything was very well-done - from the shape-switching features, to the pH and temperature features, to the different levels, this game went the extra distance to avoid falling flat. Most similar jam games from the past tended to fall flat because of a lack of these sorts of elements to keep the game interesting. Really, there's not much more you could've done with the concept without it being overkill. In this sense, the biggest limitation for this game was the concept itself. I enjoyed the gameplay for the most part, but it inevitably became stale after I played each of the different levels once. Again, there's little more you could've done to prevent that besides choosing a different concept entirely.

Theme Inclusion (7/7 pts)

Comments: Goes above and beyond to show a thorough connection with 'Chemical Reactions'. You clearly paid more attention in Chemistry than I did.

Overall Presentation (7/9 pts)

Comments: The main menu was acceptable - it was annoying how I had to wait for sound effects to end before moving my cursor to a new option. I don't know of anything that I would do to further improve the graphics. Audio was great all around.


No penalties assessed.

Final Comments: Overall I was impressed with this entry - I had very little to criticize besides the core concept itself, which just fundamentally has a tendency to get boring quickly. Fantastic job!

TOTAL SCORE: 25.5 / 30 PTS