Review of King of Deals by joh:

Overall Gameplay (11/14 pts)

Comments: I played quite a few games of this and I'm still only 80% confident that I actually understand the rules. Overcoming that hump is a bit painful - some sort of more in-depth tutorial would've been awesome.
Anyways, this game is far too luck-based for my liking. There is some skill to be had in the gameplay, but your starting hand and the 'rule' cards can easily make or break your hand.
Some of the AI behaviors, and other nuances of the game, are beyond my understanding. Like, if I offer up a 'good' card to trade, why would I ever accept a trade for two blind cards?

Theme Inclusion (5/7 pts)

Comments: Fits the 'adaptation' theme.

Overall Presentation (3/9 pts)

Comments: Although card slides are quick and smooth, the graphics in general could use to be cleaned up. Default font for the interface should be avoided at all costs. No audio.


No penalties assessed.

Final Comments: Kudos for a unique concept - I spent a lot of time on it, but the amount of a factor that luck played was not my cup of tea.