Review of I Wanna Get To School In One Piece by SP202, Solistix:

Overall Gameplay (8/14 pts)

Comments: Unfortunately a very short experience, but I found myself interested in the concept. Moving time forwards/backwards was surprisingly well-done, even if there wasn't any clear tie-in for it to the game's central idea.
I had a good chuckle at the cleverness of a few of the dialogues/deaths.

Theme Inclusion (3.5/7 pts)

Comments: Is the theme... overcome all odds? Seems a bit weak, and the game's biggest mechanic didn't seem to have a strong tie to that theme.

Overall Presentation (3/9 pts)

Comments: Graphics definitely weren't bad, but there didn't seem to be any consistent style. I liked the effect used when stopping time. No audio.


No penalties assessed.

Final Comments: Certainly not a bad entry by any stretch -- the existing content was well-done, it just left me wanting a lot more content.

TOTAL SCORE: 14.5 / 30 PTS