Review of Gambrawl by Siolfor the Jackal:

Overall Gameplay (7.5/14 pts)

Comments: Combat itself, which is accompanied by a very well thought-out and polished setup, leaves a lot to be desired. Either the enemies are laughably easy or they brutally murder you without ever leaving an open window for you to attack (looking at you, black ghost things). Zombies in particular were ridiculously easy; no matter how many of them there were, spamming the attack button was a guaranteed win. I felt that the blue blobs were the most balanced, but even then all it took was some basic timing skills to come out victorious.
I loved the card and dice system, it just needed a few more characters to round them out.

Theme Inclusion (7/7 pts)

Comments: Now THIS is the kind of game that I was expecting for 'Overcome the Odds'!

Overall Presentation (8.5/9 pts)

Comments: Nothing more that I could ask from the menus or the graphics. I loved the choice of music. Sound effects needed a little more variation.


No penalties assessed.

Final Comments: Presentation and theme were both good - but combat mechanics, consisting of only simple blocks and attacks, created no strategic depth for the player and forced gameplay into relative monotony.