Review of Find the Cure! by UnEarthlyEthan:

Overall Gameplay (2.5/14 pts)

Comments: This was really just not entertaining for me at all. The entire game was a test of whether or not you knew your colors, and that was really it. I completed the first four or so 'puzzles' before I just skipped them all to see what came next. There's really just no mechanical depth.

Theme Inclusion (6/7 pts)

Comments: This is definitely 'chemical reactions'.

Overall Presentation (4/9 pts)

Comments: Interfaces were okay but they were graphically inconsistent. No single cohesive graphic style was present - there were multiple clashing styles. Nice to hear custom-made music but the sound effects had room for improvement.


No penalties assessed.

Final Comments: The core concept for this game was just not great. It looked like you planned a lot more to follow the initial stage; it was a shame that it didn't make it into the final product.
I hope you got your snow day (my hometown got one).

TOTAL SCORE: 12.5 / 30 PTS