Review of Eel Lady Cat Contest by TinyGamesLab:

Overall Gameplay (8/14 pts)

Comments: Pretty much just a basic sliding puzzle game. I was disappointed to see that, after all the front-end stuff about a violent cat competition, there were really no unique mechanics at play. Despite being very simplistic, there were still a few well-designed levels that got me scratching my head for a while.
Having to manually click into each new level was a bit tedious - why not just automatically send the player to the next level? Also, splitting the controls between keyboard and mouse was unnecessary - why not just do everything with the keyboard?
I didn't make it to the end because I got stuck on one of the last levels, and I accidentally pressed 'R' to restart the level instead of clicking the restart button. (This happened TWICE.) As a side note - why in the world would you map the 'delete everything and start over' button to the 'R' key?
Finally... the game tries really, really hard to make an identity for itself, but none of its endeavors actually coalesce together enough to accomplish that. For example, the backstory and premise of the game feel very forced into the gameplay mechanics, and I still have no idea why 'Eel Lady' is even in the title at all.

Theme Inclusion (3/7 pts)

Comments: Is this 'overcome all odds'? If so, the connection is weak because it comes entirely through the backstory (and through a leaderboard that doesn't actually have any bearing on gameplay whatsoever).

Overall Presentation (7.5/9 pts)

Comments: The interface, introduction, and tutorial were all clean and polished. Graphics were fine, but there were a lot of instances where it really felt like an animation or transition would've brought more life to them. Audio was also fine, it just needed a bit more variation.


No penalties assessed.

Final Comments: It's clear that a lot of effort was put into this entry. There were just some problems with both the core concept and with the execution.

TOTAL SCORE: 18.5 / 30 PTS