Review of Duality2 by Matharoo:

Overall Gameplay (10/14 pts)

Comments: As I understand, the main gimmick of this game was that each in-game character represented somebody on the GM forums. I personally didn't care for this much, as I don't spend enough time on the forums to know who each of the characters were. Some of the dialogues appear to have been included for the express purpose of humor along those lines, with the most notable example being the dialogue between Heartbeast and Shaun (as I hardly know who either of them are, this dialogue just didn't do much at all for me).
Gameplay itself wasn't bad; combat was entertaining enough, and although the bosses were a tad too easy, they had unique and varied attack patterns. For gameplay exclusively, having Nocturne as an ally was rather inconsequential, but it still made things more interesting.
The dialogue boxes advancing on their own, and the text moving at differing speeds, was a bit annoying. Please just let me hit a button once to show the entire message, and once more to move on to the next message.
I was disappointed to see that collecting gems and souls contributed nothing to gameplay.

Theme Inclusion (2/7 pts)

Comments: I gave this a particularly low theme score because it was clear that little to no effort was spent structuring any of the game around any of the three themes. The only theme connection came from a single dialogue box - and while I thought it was kinda funny how you acknowledged the weak connection, it's not gonna earn you any more points.

Overall Presentation (7.5/9 pts)

Comments: Clean and polished presentation overall. The interface was a bit lacking. Music and sound effects were great.


No penalties assessed.

Final Comments: I liked this entry, but as you can see I had a lot to say in the 'gameplay' section. Really there weren't any major issues, just a few small things and that the main gimmick didn't jive with me the way it probably did for others.

TOTAL SCORE: 19.5 / 30 PTS