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Against All Odd by Yal (17/30 pts)

Au Debut Ca Va by Team Vive Le France (19.5/30 pts)

Black and ****e by Ghandpivot (14/30 pts)

Duality2 by Matharoo (19.5/30 pts)

Eel Lady Cat Contest by TinyGamesLab (18.5/30 pts)

Find the Cure! by UnEarthlyEthan (12.5/30 pts)

Gambrawl by Siolfor the Jackal (23/30 pts)

I Wanna Get To School In One Piece by SP202, Solistix (14.5/30 pts)

Johnnys Escape by Bart (5.5/30 pts)

juegOS HD Early Access by Alice, Mercerenies (4.5/30 pts)

King of Deals by joh (19/30 pts)

Little Lost Hero by GameDevDan (23/30 pts)

Lock and Key by Relic (25.5/30 pts)

My Gold by NazGhuL (16/30 pts)

Overcome by Sam Spade (20/30 pts)

Overcoming all Aliens by Micnasr, Dengar (10/30 pts)

PHAGE by FrostyCat (25/30 pts)

Reel Fruit Slots by Oyakiiv (8.5/30 pts)

Rise by The M (11.5/30 pts)

ROYal RUMble by Misu, Yal (16.5/30 pts)

Snowball in Hell by AndrewN (19.5/30 pts)

Stream of Adaptation by Smiechu (21.5/30 pts)

Wizzy Gizzard: Speed Date by HayManMarc, Toque (17.5/30 pts)

Woodcutter by darijs1 (10.5/30 pts)

Zombie Assault: Against All Odds by Misty (17/30 pts)