Review of Black and ****e by Ghandpivot:

Overall Gameplay (6.5/14 pts)

Comments: I read that your game had the first half cut off by a simple programming mistake. It's a shame, but I don't think I would've made it anyways, because I didn't even make it to the end of the second half. Most of my deaths were a result of threats that I couldn't have possibly foreseen, and as pretty much the entire game relied on these threats being the primary challenge, I lost interest very quickly.

Theme Inclusion (2/7 pts)

Comments: Not sure how the theme plays in here. 'Overcome the odds'? I guess that works, but this game doesn't really seem to demonstrate any effort to connect to that.

Overall Presentation (5.5/9 pts)

Comments: I struggle to rate the presentation of games like this because the assets are deliberately very simplistic. I thought the ambient audio played into the style well, but a few other soft sound effects would've been nice. No menu or proper introduction of any sort besides a splash screen.


No penalties assessed.

Final Comments: It looks like this entry tries to mix an extremely common and overused concept with a unique style... but even the style doesn't seem particularly inspired. The difficulty and placement of impossible-to-foresee dangers also makes this game not very fun to play, unfortunately.