Review of Against All Odd by Yal:

Overall Gameplay (6/14 pts)

Comments: I found this game mildly fun, but at its core it wasn't much more than a clever play on words. A test of typing speed doesn't provide much entertainment value, and the only time I ever took damage was as a result of zombies spawning on top of each other and making it impossible to read their numbers (and with this type of game, that should be the one thing that you go out of your way to prevent at all costs).

Theme Inclusion (6/7 pts)

Comments: Kudos for the unique approach to 'Overcome all odds'.

Overall Presentation (5/9 pts)

Comments: The menu was basic, but it was present and functional. Graphics could've been worse - the pseudo-3D effects added a nice touch. Audio was present but it didn't add a ton to the experience.


No penalties assessed.

Final Comments: Overall not a bad entry by any stretch - but the whole 'zombies spawning on top of each other' thing was a major issue for me.