Welcome to 2xS Games!

2xS Games is a small, independent game development studio. We create games for desktop and mobile platforms, using an emphasis on action, humor, and originality!

Currently, we have only one project, Draxel, that is available to the public. Our other two projects, Planetary Invasion and Bigcityville, are in a private pre-alpha state.

For more information about us, please see the about us page.


June 10, 2017:

Steam has given us the greenlight to post Draxel on their platform!

For over a year, we had assumed that our attempt to get Draxel through Greenlight had largely failed. Therefore, we ceased its development to pursue improved projects. However, we were suddenly notified that we were clear to move onto the Steam store. Draxel had been gathering dust for 15 months!

Now we must brush off the dust and push forward with Draxel once again. Unfortunately, Bigcityville will have to take a back seat on our development queue while we whip Draxel into shape.

We're hoping to be able to post Draxel on the Steam store for free by 2018. Stay tuned, and remember to visit the Draxel subdomain for more information and all the latest updates.

September 12, 2016:

Announcing our two latest projects: Bigcityville and Planetary Invasion! (note that these names are not final)

Bigcityville focuses on an open world, black and white cartoon city. When your character realizes that the citizens are crazy and the police stink at their jobs, your goal becomes to acquire enough money to leave the area!
Planetary Invasion is a team-based multiplayer hybrid between a space shooter and a platformer. Customize your character and ship, battle players in the skies and face off against them on the ground in order to achieve galactic domination!
You can find out more on the dev blog page.